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NousLogic Smart Hub


NousLogic Smart Hub is a WiFi-cloud connected gateway installed at patient’s home to wirelessly monitor nearby health devices and patient’s activities. The Smart Hub collects and streams real-time data to our cloud-dashboard  from wireless blood pressure/pulse rate, glucometer, pulse ox, weight scale, Apple Watch ECG, and our unique Smart Medication-adherence monitoring system (with 7-day pillbox, and smart pill bottle). Such dashboard, together with ML machine-learning/data analytics, is accessible in real time at doctors’ offices. This allows our system to not only qualify for Medicare’s new RPM “Remote Patient  monitoring” reimbursement program, but potentially also for pharma companies to cost-effectively conduct studies/experiments on cause-effect correlation between certain meds and the above measured patient’s health data. 
Some other features/benefits of NousLogic Smart Hub platform :
  - Optional support for patients’ homes that have no WiFi access. Our hub uses SIM card (as in cellphones, but at a fraction of the cost of cellphone’s monthly data plan) supporting the emerging LTE-M/NB-IoT wireless technologies that are low-cost, low-power with large area coverage.
  - Together with NousLogic’s other product line in Smart Access (eg Smart Doorlock /Smart video Doorbell Tag), our Smart Hub supports unique safety/security benefits needed by elderly people in the emerging “Aging in Place” era.
Some of these benefits are explained in this link :

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