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Hoang Nhu

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Nhu has over 30 years of experience in the tech industry having held senior engineering and leadership positions for companies including Broadcom and Hewlett Packard. He holds an undergraduate degree from California Polytech and a graduate degree from the University of Washington. Mr. Nhu holds numerous patents in the information technology space as well as several patents supporting nouslogic's healthcare event management system.

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Dr Dung Trinh (Advisor) 


Dr. Trinh is a well-known expert in speaking on preventive health including brain health, inflammation, ketosis, and intermittent fasting. He has shared educational and medical knowledge on television, Laguna Woods community groups, Kiwanis, religious centers, local colleges, medical centers, senior centers, and at Alzheimer's Orange County.   

Dr. Trinh serves on several advisory boards, board of directors and helped found several companies ranging from healthcare to e-commerce. He’s cofounder of , world’s first health & wellness metaverse

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Vu Theriot, MD

President And Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Vu Theriot has over 25 years of experience in family medicine. He practices in Pasadena, TX as well as being credentialed at the surrounding area hospitals. Dr. Therio’s expertise in communicable disease as well as his strong engineering background provide a unique contribution as nouslogic’s chief medical officer and president. He holds an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from the University of Houston and received his MD from the Baylor College of Medicine, one of the top medical schools in the country.

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Prof. Christine King (Advisor)


Professor of teaching in biomedical engineering at UC Irvine, PhD in brain computer interfaces and specializing in women's health medical devices and engineering education for medicine and entrepreneurism.

Previous experience at UCLA Computer Science Department : 
  * Postdoctoral Scholar at The Wireless Health Institute
  * Research Manager in the Center for Smart Health

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